Saturday, December 26, 2015

Kemery Blair Yeakel Cheated

Kemery Blair yeakel cheated her partners out of their business, investments and livelihood. When you search for her by name you can find the true story and the facts on how she and her partner Jamie Blair yeakel filed a law suit against all of her business partners and several investors that she bought property from. The most egregious act was taking over 100k from investors and then she never titled the property in their names. Instead she collected the rents, didn't pay the mortgages and let them go to foreclosure. Kemery never gave the money back, instead she sued those partners and claimed she was defrauded. She blamed her partners. I hope she will repay these people it was their life savings and they trusted her because of her 25 years as a realtor. Beware this woman just doesn't do the right thing. 

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